Cummins Label, Inc.

Given their importance to a consumer’s health and well-being, few labels are read more carefully than those for pharmaceutical products.

At drug stores, grocers and other retailers, labels for over-the-counter drugs, vitamins, supplements and more have to alert passing shoppers to the nature of the product, list its key ingredients and convey dosage instructions. Of course, many must also adhere to FDA pharmaceutical product labeling regulations.

Offering custom designs as well as high-resolution printing for instructions and disclaimers, Cummins Label addresses all your pharmacy product labeling needs. You’ll select from a variety of materials and finishing options. Our many sizes and shapes also ensure there’s an attractive and durable pharmaceutical label for any style container.

Pharmaceutical product makers can rely on Cummins Label for:

  • Allergy medication labels
  • Baby & childcare labels
  • Cold & cough remedy labels
  • Eyecare & contact lens labels
  • Diet & nutrition labels
  • Digestive health labels
  • OTC product labels
  • Pain relief labels
  • Vitamin labels
  • And more

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